What should I wear?

Above all—be comfortable. Most people will be dressed casually. Jeans, shorts, sandals— you can even wear a suit, if that’s your thing.

Do you have classes for my kids?

Yes. We have classes from infant to older children and youth. Everything is designed to be age appropriate. We are dedicated to creating a fun and safe place for your kids to learn about God. Learn more, click here.

What is the music like?

We believe music is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, and one of the most powerful ways we can praise Him, with instrument or voice. You can expect a mix of uplifting, hand-clapping music and the occasional old familiar hymn maybe arranged in a new way.

What’s wrong with traditional church?

Absolutely nothing, but not all connect with a formal, ritualistic approach to faith. Everyone needs a church that speaks its language and knows how to offer life outside conventional, denominational Christianity.

The timeless truths of Scripture must be communicated in a timely way in keeping with how we connect and communicate in current culture.

We are not trying to be cool or hip, but we have a passion to connect and be relevant to life today without feeling any need to water-down our message. We want you to leave each week with something that you can apply to life on Monday morning. We want you to have fun!